How My Pandemic Has Changed

2021-01-23 – Today is the first weekend of the new regime.

You probably think I’m talking about the inauguration of President Biden. That’s part of it. But the other part was getting the vaccine.

The vaccine. Mine was the Pfizer variety, but it really doesn’t matter. It will change my life. My wife Kit got it, too.

We got the emails in the early evening of inauguration day, in the early evening. Our hospital sent them out to notify the next group that we could make appointments to get the vaccine. We grabbed the first appointments available: 6:00 and 6:10 of the next day.

We’ve now had the first dose, had the sore arm, and are pretty much over that. We have appointments for our second dose—three weeks later.

Of course, the effects of the vaccine will take some time to develop. Physically, our bodies are responding to the mRNA whatever that will give us immunity to the virus. That takes a little time. Socially, the people around us will need to get the vaccine, too, so we all can begin to shed the precautions we’ve been taking for almost a year.

It was mostly coincidental that we got our notices on inauguration day. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit to thinking, “Wow! Joe sure works fast!” He had only been President for a few hours. And, yes he had already signed a number of important executive orders. But I don’t think there was anything in those orders that said “get Steve and Kit vaccinated.”

But, in a way, those executive orders are the first dose of another type of cure. My life could be directly affected in a number of ways. My boys can look forward to going back to work sooner. My volunteer work with immigrants is likely to change significantly. Already, I have less of a feeling of dread when I look at the news in the morning.

I know we’ll need another dose (maybe more than one, in the politics department). But the pandemic has already lifted, even if just a little bit.

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