Remembering Dreams

2021-12-02 – Hi, I’m back!

They say you have dreams. I’m not the one to ask. I don’t remember dreams.

They say you remember dreams better if you wake up in the middle of them. That may be true. I’ve had a slight awareness of dreams during the last month.

What’s so special about the last month? The sun doesn’t rise before my morning alarm during the deep and dark November, December, and January. When the sun rises before I do, my awakening is more gentle. During the dark days, however, the alarm sometimes goes off before I’m awake.

While I’m dreaming.


The images are vague, but they are there. I know I’ve been dreaming, but I’m not exactly sure what they’re about.

One of my favorite stories is about my attempt to discover the content of my dreams, which I undertook in my thirties. I had read that you should keep a notebook by your bed to record them immediately upon waking—before they fade from your awareness. I did that. But my early-morning handwriting left something to be desired.

My new toy at the time was a microcassette recorder. I had this idea that I could dictate a novel while driving to and from work (a stupid idea and it didn’t even work). So I had this gizmo and decided to use it to record my dreams. In the morning I listened to the recording.

“Shy shonk shomesher shresh.”

Maybe I should just be satisfied with remembering waking dreams.

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