#Pocalypso | The Weirdness of Antisemitism

2020-06-30 – I’ve been seeing a number of memes lately that revive ancient themes of antisemitism: the idea that we Jews perpetually and fanatically seek world domination. Many of them don’t mention the word Jew or Hebrew or Israelite or whatever the style is these days. But they talk about purpose in “building a third temple” or they talk about “their weird religion” or, in the latest, our lust to “drink the blood of innocent children.” It’s behind their hatred of George Soros and Hollywood. And Rothschild.

We’ve heard it all before. For centuries.

I’ve answered a few of these to see if the people posting these memes even know what they are posting. I’ve had Jews doubt my assertion that these memes are even antisemitic. They seem too weird to be pro- or anti-anything. But the history is clear. The words they use are clear. They don’t deviate one iota from the historical script. These are the stories that propelled pogroms in Russia and extermination in Germany.

People in those places probably shrugged them off as weird, too. Until they were dreadfully real.

The weirdest thing about these stories is the idea that a people who control the key levers of power in the world keep letting themselves be persecuted. You’d think that we’d engineer a regime that protected ourselves from those who wish to destroy us.

We are pretty bad at that.

I never really understood, until the last few years that these stories are projection of the wishes that the slanderers have for themselves. They wish for world domination but are foiled, so they project that wish upon a small group whose supposed mirror-wish is the cause of all their woes.

Trump’s like that. Hillary rigged the election (yet she lost?). Almost every blaming tweet of his reveals his own inner sin. He’s not the sinner, someone else is.

And he’s unleashed this kind of behavior in his followers. No one, it seems, is responsible for their own lives.

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