#Pocalypso | Gun Violence in Chicago

2020-07-01 – Every summer the death toll in Chicago goes up. This year is no exception—even with the virus. And the right-wing loves it. Chicago is their poster child. They say, “why aren’t you complaining about this?”

As with most right-wing rants, the premise is a  lie. We are complaining about this. A lot. (And it’s not even true that Chicago is the worst. Check out the stats in some of the southern states.)

And as with most right-wing rants, the right-wing actively and militantly opposes any measure to improve the situation. Ranting is even more important to a right-winger than the 2nd amendment. (Just look at their apoplexy over having to wear a mask. Even if it puts their own lives in danger, they gotta rant.)

So what’ is the solution in Chicago? Well, some measure of that would prevent the wholesale illegal importation of guns from Indiana and Wisconsin into Illinois would be helpful. But that’s not the solution.

The solution is a total overhaul (defunding?) of policing in this city. The right-wing opposes that tooth and nail. Why? Because of safety? The current way of doing things in this city doesn’t seem to produce safety. If anything, it promotes danger. They don’t investigate these crimes (they don’t), they don’t prevent crime, they harass the law-abiding citizens, and, as a result, they have next to zero support from the communities that sorely need something.

And the something that they need is also opposed by the right-wingers: jobs, social support, health care, and even effective (not bogus) policing—the list goes on and on.

It kinda makes you think that the rants have some purpose other than improving life in the United States of America.

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