Lighten Up, Ye @HillaryClinton Supporters


2016-10-31 – Boo! It’s Halloween. Scared you.

I know it’s been a long and vicious campaign. And they played the email card again. Get righteously indignant over the FBI’s getting involved in the election.

Then, get over it.

They’ve talked about the email card being the ace in the hole for months. And they’ve played it time and time again. It’s all they got. But the email card is a trey, not an ace. And they don’t even have a pair. No one who is nonpartisan sees the email as an issue—not after they’ve played this card over and over again and not turned up anything.

The Hillary email issue is the Rorschach test of politics. If you don’t like Hillary, the emails are a crime. If you’re a fan, or even neutral, Hillary’s emails are . . . well, spam.

You shouldn’t be shocked this is happening at the last minute. That’s the mindset of the haters. They see satan in the emails and think you will too if you look again. But the biggest effect this hullabaloo will have on the election is fatigue. So buck up. There’s only one more week. Channel your energies into getting out the vote.

And the bright side of it all . . . Trump’s argument about the election being rigged is falling apart. Even he said that maybe it isn’t so rigged if the director of the FBI dumps a pro-Trump bombshell in the last week of the campaign.

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