Are There That Many More Men Voting than Women?


2016-101-03 – I don’t get it. They’re telling us that Hillary is way ahead among African Americans and Hispanics and women and somewhat ahead among college educated men. Virtually every newspaper has endorsed her and key Republicans are voting for her. Even the number two guy on the number three ticket is talking her up.

And the election is going to be close?

Now, I know that presidents are not elected by popular vote. And I know that the Electoral College is weighted toward states with low population—these days that means an extra bump for Republican candidates. But state-level gerrymandering doesn’t apply to the presidential election. Votes are cast by state, not congressional district.

So, if every demographic except men lacking college degrees is either for Hillary bigly or small-ly, how is it that the election is going to be close?

Are there that many more men than women?

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