Today Is the Day I Vote for Hillary, et aliae


2016-10-24 – If everything goes as planned, at the moment this blog is posted [see update below], I should be casting my ballot at the ward’s early voting place. Today is the first day you can early-vote without going downtown.

I usually don’t like early voting. Voting on Election Day has more of a community feel. You might see someone you know. And even if you don’t, the people you see are neighbors. I’ve voted early once or twice before. It’s a little sterile. But this year I’m voting early. You never know when something might come up. I can’t miss this election.

I know that voting early won’t make the election end any earlier. I wish it would.

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably can guess that I am voting for Hillary. Although I voted, for Bernie Sanders in the primary, my vote for Hillary is enthusiastic, not grudging. I am also voting to unseat our Republican Sen. Mark Kirk and replace him with Tammy Duckworth. Unfortunately, I don’t have an opportunity to turn a red congressional seat blue, since our representative in Congress is already a Democrat (Jan Schakowsky).

There are some men I’ll be voting for down ballot (and of course Tim Kaine for veep, but that doesn’t count). But this appears to be the year of the woman—at least in the 9th congressional district of Illinois. I’ll update you on my experience when I get back.

* * *

So, if you are planning to go vote, it would be a good idea to check the hours the polling place will be open. I went to the website, not to check the hours, but to get the address so I could map my bike ride there and then on to another errand. And whoa! I was planning to get there at around 5, which was closing time. So I switched my voting time with my planned swimming time and there was no problem.

The polling place was crowded. There was a fairly long line and it took about an hour to get in and out. I don’t know if that reflected the ridiculously long judicial ballot we have in Chicago, the fact that today was the first day the ward polling places were open, or high interest in the election. Probably all three. That bodes well for Hillary and other Democrats.

Here’s my selfie, taken as I left to go swimming.


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