Forget the Schism in the GOP . . . Does The Donald Have a Split Personality?


2016-10-20 – There’s been lots of talk about the serious split in the GOP, but after last night’s debate, I thought it would be worth asking the question about a different kind of split:

Does Donald Trump suffer from multiple personality disorder?

Now, I am no psychologist and I have never personally examined The Donald—so I am not bound by any sort of professional ethics in this matter. I actually know nothing about the diagnostic signs of any psychological disorders, much less multiple personality disorder. I haven’t even googled it. But I’ve seen a couple of movies.

So I feel qualified to ask the question.

Because there were moments last night that The Donald was able to put a couple of sentences to answer the questions put to him by Chris Wallace or to counter things said by his opponent Hillary Clinton. They weren’t impressive moments, but they were coherent. He even made a few points that seemed rational.

But at some point after the first half hour, he started muttering. We’ve seen this in previous debates and he did it again last night. “Wrong.” “Wrong.” “Bad hombre.” “Wrong.” “Wrong.” “Nasty woman.”

The mutterer almost seemed like a different person from the blustery, pompous, billionaire. Could they actually be separate personalities?

I am not the first one to notice this. I’ve seen memes of The Donald turning into the Hulk. But maybe it’s not a funny joke.

[Or maybe it is. I’m torn.]

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