Who Is Anonymous to Declare War on Trump? – #OpTrump

green_old typewriter

2016-03-15 – Anonymous has declared war on Donald Trump. You can see the details of this story and access their video here if you like Anonymous theater.

Anonymous supposedly declared war on Trump a few months ago. Their war wasn’t very effective. So they’re doing it again. This time they mean it.

They’ve declared war before—on ISIS and on the KKK. Those wars didn’t have much of an effect either. I wonder if Anonymous plans to re-declare war on those enemies. I wonder if they will really mean it.

Who is Anonymous to declare war on anyone?

For all we know, Anonymous is ISIS or the KKK. They have similar methods of operation. They cover their faces so you don’t know who they are. Kinda scary, don’t you think?

Or maybe Anonymous is Donald Trump. Or the Koch brothers. We get creeped out when we hear about the Koch brothers operating behind the scenes. Don’t you think we should get creeped out by Anonymous? They promise the attack on April 1.

April Fool.

It doesn’t even matter that I don’t like Donald Trump. I don’t like anonymous threats. In a world that screams about transparency, what’s with the masks? Regardless of what you think about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, at least they had the courage not to wear masks.

We’ve all heard about Anonymous’ wars against Trump and ISIS and the KKK, but did you know that they also declared war on Turkey? What’s next? Cranberry sauce and stuffing?

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