I’m Voting for Bernie in Tuesday’s Primary in Illinois


2016-03-13 – I’m voting for Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s primary here in Chicago.

This is not a repudiation of Hillary Clinton. There are many other candidates for President that I repudiate, not Hillary. I will be happy if Hillary wins. I will be happier if Bernie wins.

It’s not because of policy differences. The areas where they diverge tend to be minor compared to the areas where they agree. Would I prefer that Hillary didn’t take Wall Street money? Sure. And that’s a strike against her. But Hillary’s proposals for reregulating Wall Street are arguably tougher than Bernie’s. Ask Paul Krugman.

But, you know, they are running for President, not king. Neither of them will be able to dictate the terms of Wall Street regulation. President Obama had a struggle getting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 enacted into law. And six years later Wall Street is still opposing its implementation. Neither Bernie nor Hillary are going to reach the goal line on this. New legislation? Good luck!

It will be the same on most other issues that are important to me. I’m hoping for progress, not completion. Hillary and Bernie are on the same side. None of the Republicans are.

So why am I voting for Bernie?


He calls it a “political revolution.” Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. But it is excitement. He draws crowds. He gets people to cheer for love and bringing the country together. He talks about winning in congressional and state races, not just the presidency.

And the Republicans don’t yet know what to do about him. They are very practiced in attacking Hillary. They can do it with their eyes closed. You know that thing about Hillary’s trustworthiness. I’ve got to tell you that Hillary is infinitely more trustworthy than any candidate on the Republican side. But they’ve been beating the drum about fake issues to undermine Hillary for literally decades. So people believe them. Or they’re unsure.

Bernie throws them off balance.

So I’m voting for him. A couple weeks ago, I was leery of his chances, but I wanted to keep him in politics, so I gave him a new long-range assignment: to campaign across the nation to shift the balance in Congress and state houses (Could Deuteronomy Sanders Make Congress #FeelTheBern ?).

But this week, things are looking up for Bernie on the presidential campaign. And nothing says that he shouldn’t do both.

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