Knishes, Kreplach, and Kneidlach


2015-11-03 – Okay, I confess. Many years ago I ordered the three Ks at a Jewish deli in Chicago. No, it wasn’t the KKK. It was Knishes, Kreplach, and Kneidlach. I’m not sure why anyone would put those three items on a menu as a group, but there it was. And I ordered it.

A knish is a kind of meat pie. Well, it’s not always a meat pie. It can also be stuffed with potatoes or other savory items. A krepl (plural: kreplach) is a similar entity that is served in soup. A dumpling. A wonton. A kneidl (plural: kneidlach) is a matzo ball and is also served in soup. If you served the soup with buckwheat groats (kasha), that would have made four Ks: KKKK. A tasty idea, but not on the menu. On the menu were only three Ks.

If Anonymous releases my name on its KKK list, that’s what it has to be about.

I’ve never much liked Anonymous. It doesn’t matter that their political leanings roughly parallel mine. I never liked the idea of doing nasty things to people, much less doing them under cover of anonymity.

Sorta like the KKK.

And I don’t mean dumplings.

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