Could Deuteronomy Sanders Make Congress #FeelTheBern ?

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2016-03-01 – It’s too early to know the outcome of today’s Super Tuesday primaries, but things are not looking up for Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate.

Whatever happens, the feared (or hoped for) end to his presidential campaign could bring with it a rebirth of his “political revolution.” One of the things that so attracted me to his campaign was that it transcended the office of president. He talked about changing the way the nation does its business. He talked about Congress.

Presidential campaigns are a distraction from the political revolution. So let me make this simple plea. Bernie, don’t stop. If you can’t be president, you could do the greater good of helping the nation elect a functional Congress.

Moses did not enter the promised land. He was never king.

How many people think that a President can freely rule without a Congress? President Obama has certainly done a lot, but a craven and impotent Congress has opposed him with and without reason. People don’t think their votes matter in that body because they never act. It has become a debate society where sound-bites count more than action.

Bernie, you can change that. And you can change that without the influence of billionaire money.

Nearly 40 years ago, the Republican party made it a generational objective to capture the Congress and the statehouses. While they have been unable to monopolize the presidency from their minority status, they have been largely successful with the smaller offices.

We’ve been in the desert for 40 years.

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