Downcast Eyes


2014-04-08 – If you see me with downcast eyes, let me assure you that it is only temporary.

The problem is my new glasses. I wear progressive lenses. The top is for distance vision. The bottom is for close work like reading. And the space in between is for gradually more distant views, like looking at the computer screen, the car dashboard, or music on a music stand.

The in-between space on the new glasses seems higher than on the old glasses. If I want to see distant things clearly, I have to tilt my head down so I can look above the in-between space.

And you thought I was sad.

My eyes give lots of false signals. You may see tears in my eyes. But, no! I am not weeping for the woes of the world. This is the residue of allergies that I mostly beat many years ago with desensitization shots. The tears come now mostly when it is windy. You thought I was a sensitive guy. It’s only sensitive eyes.

I recognized the problem with the glasses immediately when I picked them up at Costco. I couldn’t read the prices on the most distant signs without tilting my head down. But I’ve been getting new glasses long enough to know that they usually feel weird when you first try them on. So I agreed to come out into the world to see if things improve as I wear them. So far, there has been a slight improvement, but not in the main problem. I should be able to look out with my head level to see distant objects clearly. That’s not happening.

I want to say that the problem here is not Costco (at least not yet). I got my last pair of glasses at Costco and they were the best pair I’ve had for a long time—maybe ever. The woman who gave me the new glasses said I should bring them back right away if they are not working.

I expect that I will be doing that. And then I’ll be able to hold my head up and look you in the eye. You will think I am happy again. But it will only be the glasses.

Maybe the problem is that they call them progressive lenses. They should call them liberal lenses.

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