No Coke . . . Pepsi


2014-04-10 – What does it mean to a Crimean to be a citizen of Ukraine one day and a citizen of Russia the next?

Now I’m not talking about the politician or the soldiers or the police. I’m asking about the mind-your-own-business citizens. How are their lives affected? How can an American relate to these geopolitical events? Especially when a hostile takeover is accomplished with little military action. Is it like a corporate takeover?

Don’t laugh. I’ve been through several corporate takeovers at several companies. They change your life. Again, I’m not talking about the executives. I’m talking about the rank-and-file employees. These changes affect your daily routines, your pay, your healthcare, your benefits, your job.

So I’m asking: is there some similarity between the Russian takeover of Crimea and the merger of Comcast and Time Warner? Just asking. I don’t have the answer.

One thing I do know is that Crimeans can expect a change in fast-food American burger providers. McDonalds is pulling out of Crimea and Burger King is moving in.

I’ve always found moves like this to be peculiar.

When I was a fresh college graduate studying in Jerusalem, I learned the Coca Cola operated in Israel and that Pepsi operated in neighboring Arab countries, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. With open borders between East and West Jerusalem, I had access to both Coke and Pepsi, but most folks living in the east Mediterranean area could only drink Coke or Pepsi, but not both.

This may sound frivolous. But we live in an age in America where governmental power is under sever attack, but corporate power—while questioned at some level—is considered broadly legitimate. Could we be moving to a time where political allegiance is determined by which cheeseburger we eat?

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