We Laugh Till We Cry


2015-08-06 – I’ve always been a crier. I weep. And not for anything in particular. I did this as a little boy and they said that I would grow out of it. Men didn’t cry, but it was okay for me. I was still a little boy. But it didn’t stop as I grew older.

It’s been over 50 years.

You have to have an excuse, of course, if you are weeping for no apparent reason. A little over a year ago, in this blog, I attributed the weeping to allergies or to the wind and categorically denied that I was weeping for the woes of the world.

Today, I found myself weeping over an eggless recipe for matzo balls. (Spoiler alert: it’s done with xantham gum and the liquid from canned chickpeas . . . oh, oh, it’s happening all over again!)

So what if I’m weeping for the woes of the world! Is there anything so wrong with that? The woes of the world are really sad. Stone statues weep for the woes of the world.

But that’s not what’s really going on. We think that we weep for sad things. And we do. But we also laugh at the woes of the world. And we weep tears of joy.

We laugh till we cry.

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