If Good Health Were Contagious

2020-07-16 – It was time for my decennial colonoscopy, so I went. People said that you should delay nonessential medical treatment during the pandemic. Till when? And if decennial colonoscopies are not essential, you shouldn’t have them at all. It was recommended by my doctor, so I got it over with.

And it’s done at a hospital. You know. Those are the people who specialize in taking precautions. So before I had my colonoscopy, I had to go in to be tested for covid-19. As I expected, my test was negative. I don’t get near people even when there’s no pandemic.

And there were questions. Have I been in contact with anyone I knew to have covid-19? No. Have I travelled internationally in the last 30 day?

Travelled internationally? What am I going to catch from international travel? Good health? I think they forgot to update the question. It’s our country that’s the infested shithole. The foreign countries (at least some of them) are the ones who have gotten things under control.

I haven’t travelled outside this country for years except for that time in Montana when we crossed about 20 feet into Canada on a hike. So my answer to the question was no. And we both laughed knowing that the tables are turned and foreign countries are now excluding Americans for fear of contagion from us.

But then I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go to New Zealand and catch some of their good health and bring it home to infect others?

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