A Plague on Both Your Houses?

2020-07-15 – I have to admit: I don’t know who Bari Weiss is. I’m not good with names. But the right-wing intelligentsia is up in arms over her resignation as a writer and editor at the New York Times. I did read her resignation letter.

I have to also admit: I have never thought of the New York Times as liberal. Yes, I know it is the bogeyman of liberalism to the right-wing and it does publish some liberal columnists, but the Times liberalism is what I would call cocktail-party liberalism. I never saw it as having much concern with the working class. Maybe that’s the problem.

Still, it is rich that the folks at Fox News are in a rage. Do they think that ranting at the New York Times will make people think they are “fair and balanced”? I sure hope not. They are the though leader of biased “reality” news. Their bigotry and bullying is in full view and proudly proclaimed.

On the other hand, people on the left do need to listen to other voices. This does not mean they can’t call out the lies. Isn’t that the point? But not all the voices are lying voices.

A plague on both your houses?

Not quite. One side is walking around without masks. But the other side still catches the contagion.

But as with covid contagion, if you’ve been exposed to the Fox way of doing things, you need to get tested and quarantine yourself until you get over it.

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