#Pocalypso | When Antico Became a Terrorist Group

2020-07-09 – You’ve probably heard of Antifa. According to Trump, Antifa is a terrorist group—even though it isn’t a group. But you can’t be too careful.

And maybe it is a terrorist group. But it’s not who you think. Antifa is supposed to stand for “antifascist.” It’s not explained why people who are against fascism (as the United States was when it fought nazis in World War II) would truncate the name of their movement to obscure this noble fact. But it seems that right-wing terrorists are taking advantage of this confusing state of affairs by posing as “antifa terrorists” to stir up violence that they hope will undermine real movements like Black Like Matters.

But I’m not here today to talk about antifa.

I’m here today to talk about “antico,” which is short for “anti-COVID.” (I just made that up.) Apparently, Trump doesn’t like antico. He apparently thinks antico is short for “anti-corporate.” It’s probably just a matter of time before Trump declares antico to be a terrorist group. His followers are already acting as if that were true.

But I may be totally confused. Maybe “antico” is short for “anti-contraception.” In which case, the terrorist organization would be Trump himself and his Supreme Court.

I expect Trump to campaign against antico (all three of them) as part of his reelection effort.

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