#Pocalypso | Why Are Billionaires Never Satisfied?

2020-07-08 – Have you ever wondered why a billionaire might want MORE?

These guys boast that they have the big bucks because they take all the risks, but what kind of risks do they take? They may put other people’s lives and livelihoods at risk, but it’s pretty rare to see a billionaire put their own life or well-being on the line. Even when they “lose it all,” they have millions or billions left over. Our president is a glaring example of this. But he’s not the only one. They are all like this.

I once thought that my bicycle riding habit might give me insight. In 2017, I got my miles for the year up to 2,000. I thought that was pretty good, but the next year I went for more. So for 2018, I hit 3,000 miles. Still not enough. So in 2019, I hit 3,350. And for this year I’m going for 3,660.

It’s a little obsessive. I could keep ratcheting it up year after year. Even though my butt hurts.

But then I realized. It’s not really the same. When I rack up miles, I’m not taking the miles from anyone. If you want to become a distance bike rider, there’s plenty of miles left for you. The whole country could ride 4,000 miles this year and there’d still be more miles for anyone who wanted them.

Money doesn’t work that way. If I take a billion dollars and hoard it, that’s a billion dollars that’s not available to someone else. They like to tell you that they are putting something back in by being “job creators,” but it’s not the billionaire who is creating the wealth, it’s the people doing those jobs. They are just skimming off the top—often leaving very little for the people doing the jobs.

So my question is unanswered. Why do they keep doing this? How does a 101st billion make someone happy if the first 100 billion wasn’t enough?

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