#Pocalypso | I’m Pretending My Kids Live in California

2020-05-13 – I know that, by this point in the pandemic, a lot of people are wishing their kids would just go away. My kids, ages 28 and 26, went away a couple years ago, and it was a good thing.

But I think I’m going to get into the wishing act by pretending that my boys live in California.

They didn’t do anything sensible like that when they moved out. They stayed in Chicago. One lives 8 miles from me and the other lives 9 miles from me. They live a little over a mile from each other.

So we used to get together once in a while. Pre-COVID-19, that is. We don’t do that now.

That’s why I am imagining that my boys moved to California. Years ago, my birth family—my sister and brother and my mom and my dad—all moved to California. I didn’t see them much, but there was a good reason for that: they were 2,000 miles away. My heart came to understand that reason. It doesn’t quite understand not seeing family that is only a short bike ride away.

And while I’m pretending, I’m also pretending that all the good restaurants in Chicago relocated to California to be with the rest of my family.

And also, my favorite lakefront and river bike trails are now located on the Pacific coast.

* * *

A century ago or so, my grandparents left Europe for America. They reunited here with some of their families, but they left behind others that they never saw again. All because of politicians who thought it was in their personal best interest to fan the flames of hatred, rather than bring people together in common cause.

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