#Pocalypso | Anti-Darwinism and Herd Immunity? What?

2020-05-12 – I had to shake my head when I realized that some of the people who are saying that herd immunity will “save” us are the same people who have been telling us that Darwinism is a lie.

They know not what they say.

This is what happens when you view life as a football game. Your tactics don’t have to be consistent as long as you move your team closer to your goal posts. Everything for the team. Yay team.

Of course, life isn’t really like that.

You may think that Darwinism somehow undermines the kingship of your god. I’ve never really understood that. Darwinism seems more like a truism to me than a theory. Despite what you’ve heard, it says that survivors continue. It really has nothing to do with fitness. Survivors are the ones who produce the next generation. When repeated millions of times, you get evolution. That’s it.

The dark side of this non-theory is that non-survivors don’t reproduce.

When they talk about herd immunity, they talk about the happy side. Those of us who survive will be saved from COVID-19. But the dark side is the same as the result of Darwinism: the non-survivors won’t be saved.

I’m not saying that herd immunity is the same as Darwinism because there is nothing to indicate that COVID-19 immunity will be inheritable (i.e., a change to the genotype); we will be immune because we got sick or our neighbor got sick. But for the losers of this game, the result will be the same: they will be dead.

If you believe in creationism rather than Darwinism, I don’t have a beef with you. Faith is, almost by definition, counterfactual. That’s what makes faith faith. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t use creationism as your shield and wield Darwinism as your sword. The sword of Darwinism cuts both ways.

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