#Pocalypso | Keeping My Mind Occupied

2020-04-23 – Family member X (FMX) was tested for COVID yesterday. In my opinion FMX’s likelihood of testing positive is low. FMX has what I would consider seasonal allergy symptoms (it runs in the family, so I have it, too), but not the typical COVID symptoms. The test was prescribed as a prerequisite for some other testing, not so much because FMX had COVID-like symptoms. FMX will have the results today or tomorrow. If the results are positive, it could be a blessing in disguise. It could mean that FMX is almost over it. FMX is not the first one in my family. I have a cousin who had it and is over it and everything is fine.

I think positive results are unlikely for FMX, but still I worry.

Worry was appropriate yesterday. It was a gloomy day. The sky was threatening all day with scattered showers. I’ve been itching to get back on my bike after Saturday’s fall. My minor injuries are well on the way to being healed. Riding will be the best medicine. And it always cheers me up if I’m worried or anxious. But the weather wasn’t good. So no ride.

Being a weekday, I was busy during work hours. After work, I stayed at my desk to watch a CLE video (continuing legal education). I’m getting close to finishing the requirement for the current two-year cycle. I should finish this weekend, if not earlier. The deadline is June 30—or was. The attorney registration commission just sent out a notice extending the deadline three months due to COVID. I suppose different people’s circumstances are different, but COVID is making it easier for me to do this, not harder.

After finishing the CLE, I did a few Spanish lessons. Then I practiced my guitar.

It all keeps my mind occupied, but not emocionado.

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