#Pocalypso | Dying from the Virus Is Not a Gotcha

2020-04-22 – I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook gloating about the COVID deaths of people who were COVID deniers. Dying from the virus is not a gotcha. These people were victims and their families are in mourning.

I’m not saying that these people weren’t wrong or confused. But our country is infected with two viruses. One is a biological virus that causes disease and death.

The other is a social virus that causes a kind of blind rejectionism. This virus has been deliberately cultivated. The people who succumbed to the social virus are victims. The fact that the victims of the social virus also succumbed to the biological virus is a double tragedy. It’s not a comeuppance.

Rejecting these people is a symptom of the social virus just as much as rejecting science is a symptom.

I don’t know what the cure for the biological virus is, but I trust that one will be found.

The cure for the social virus has been well known for centuries: do unto others. But I guess you need to know that you have the disease before you take the medicine.

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