#Pocalypso | March Winds Bring April Winds?

2020-04-13 – OMG is it windy this morning? I was hoping to go on a bike ride today that was more on a normal route. I knew it was forecast to be gray and chilly. I was hoping for that narrow window where the weather would be too nasty for the crowds to come out but just barely clement enough to ride.

It’s not looking like that.

It’s looking more like that scene in Kansas when Dorothy was running away from the bike-riding neighbor Elvira Gulch, the rich landowner who wanted to take her dog Toto. You remember the song:

The wind began to switch – the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch.

[Full disclosure, this song was sung in Munchkin Land in hindsight.]

And, in fact, the wind did play havoc with our front door this morning. Fortunately, I was able to fix it.

The Wizard of Oz is on my mind this morning because a haunting rendition of “Over the Rainbow” was part of a video I watched last night called the “Saturday Night Passover Seder,” an traditional, yet untraditional telling . . . “laden with happiness and tears.”

Cynical me cried all the way through it.

When I cancelled my Seder this year, I thought, “okay, this is unfortunate, but it’s no big deal.” But it was a big deal.

Watching this video helped. It didn’t replace what we lost, but it spoke to the need to go forward. Next year’s Seder will definitely be different.

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