#Pocalypso | Our House Is a Very Nice House

2020-04-01 – Many years ago, I came up with an idea to have a day dedicated to truth telling. I called it Diogenes Day after the ancient Greek guy who went searching for an honest man. This idea never got off the ground. You can read about the effort here: America apparently has decided that there are things more important than truth.

Like getting through the day alive.

For most of us, of course, this is a bit dramatic. We have nice houses that we usually can’t wait to get out of. Our tragedy now is that we have to stay in them. With our “loved ones.”

For me, that’s not so bad. My “loved one” is also my loved one. We’ve been spending time together for quite some time. I kinda like it. I think she does, too. That’s the truth.

We live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood across the street from a school and a nice park. Everything is nice. We have a dog (named Rebe) and a cat (named Poppy). Our house has three bedrooms on the second floor, a big kitchen, a nice sized living room, a dining room, and a den on the first floor. Being a corner house, we have more windows than most of the houses in the neighborhood, so we have plenty of light in the living area.

We also have a full basement, with one side finished (the other side for utilities and laundry). I spend a lot of time in the basement. It’s actually a pretty bright place. I have my desk and my computers at one end and many books around me. This is where I do my day job as a telecommuter. And this is where I do my side jobs—my immigration law work, my novel writing, and my blog. I’m sitting at my desk right now.

Our dining room is large enough that we have a piano there and I sometimes play. It’s starting to sound out of tune, though—so that’s a problem that’s not likely to be fixed before the quarantine is over. It’s still playable. The dining room is also where I practice my guitar. At dinner time, we eat dinner there.

We have a TV in the living room, but we rarely watch. I keep my bike in the basement and hope to go on lots of rides as the weather gets warmer. Afternoons Kit and I take the dog on long walks together.

As disasters go, it’s pretty nice. Sure there’s a lot to worry over. But for the moment, it’s very okay.

To tell you the truth.

(If you ever want to go back to my truth-telling day proposal, there is a Diogenes Day link at the very top of my blog.)

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