#Pocalypso | A Happy Birthday in Quaran-time

2020-03-31 – Kit “blew” out her birthday candles over Zoom.

So, there are ways to celebrate a birthday when you’re under self-quarantine. We took the dog for a three-mile walk. We made a nice dinner. Salmon. Broccoli. Sweet potatoes. Salad. Beer.

And we Zoomed with Cal, from his place, and Nat and Abi, from theirs. We haven’t seen them since before the quarantine. While they still had jobs. We were sitting at Cal’s bar at Green Street. We knew something was coming at the time, but didn’t really know what.

I love them all.

Nat and Abi told us about their trip to Costco and Abi showed us her newfound embroidery  and drawing skills. Cal told us about his piano practicing and shared some of his electronic art. We talked about our days and made Rebe feel jealous that we were paying attention to someone other than her. Rebe chewed off my shoelaces in revenge.

A couple of days ago, I wrote how Zoom wasn’t good for music because Internet lag made it hard to get rhythms in sync. Well, rhythm isn’t an important part of the birthday song. So we all sang Happy Birthday to Kit. Cal lit a flame at his end. Kit blew. And the flame went out.

L’shana haba’ah. Next year we’ll be together.

Then Kit and I had our dinner. I washed things up. Then it was time for some jamoca almond fudge.

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