It’s Not the #MeToo Movement That’s Giving Men a Hard Time

2018-10-11 – If anyone is giving men and boys a hard time, it’s not the #MeToo movement. It’s the creeps who say that it is normal for men and boys to act like creeps. It is not normal. Most are not creeps.

Kindness (or lack thereof) is not a gender trait.

But some men are so desperate for superiority over women, that they will do anything. Anything!

In Europe—before the time of the American Revolution—the male musical world was desperate to keep women off its turf. But they needed high voices to complement their basses and tenors. You and I would no doubt look to women singers to fill the gap, but they didn’t think this way. Women were not allowed. (Who knew that women could sing soprano?) What was the solution? Castrate boys so their voices would not deepen after puberty. We don’t do that anymore.

Not surgically, at least.

But maybe we do it morally when we make excuses for boys who don’t grow up, who act like demanding babies even after they reach the age of adulthood.

Isn’t that what’s giving these men a hard time?

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