As We Get Closer to Election Day

2018-10-04 – It’s going to be a seesaw between now and election day. Here’s how I know: It’s been a seesaw already and I don’t see any signs that it’s going to stop. It’s always like that in October in an election year—this year even more so.

Each candidate wants you to think they have momentum, but not too much momentum. They don’t want you to lose interest and stay home on election day. They tell you that they’ve had a good fundraising month but the other side is gaining, so won’t you please send money. And of course the media wants it to be close because otherwise there’s no story.

I’ve written before about participating in a campaign this year. The candidate is Sean Casten and he’s running for Congress in Illinois’ sixth congressional district against the Republican incumbent Peter Roskam, a Trump supporter. Roskam has easily won the district for many years, but, in 2016, in spite of winning the district himself, Hillary won the district. Casten is polling well and lots of volunteers have come out to support him. I met him and he is a good guy.

Life is busy. I wish I had more time and energy to work on the campaign. I’m glad the district is nearby, but it’s still more than an hour away. It makes it hard. I try to find things to do that don’t require me to go to the district—like writing get-out-the-vote postcards. I’ve written a couple hundred or so. I’ve only gone canvassing a couple of times.

But as the campaign comes to an end, I’m signing up for the final push. I’ve got a postcard party on Tuesday and canvassing the following Saturday.

Like I said, it’s not much.

But at least I’m not alone. Each time I go, I am heartened by how many people I see who have come to contribute a couple of weekend—or their writer’s cramp—to make a change in Congress.

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