Is 2018 About Voting for a Better Life? Or Name Calling?

2018-07-23 – Well, well, well. James Comey is now speaking out about the threat of the “socialist left” to Democratic chances in this fall’s election.

Comey spoke out in 2016 about the leftist threat, which was then Hillary Clinton (and her senseless emails). See how well that worked out.

Look, Democrats are not monolithic. There is no national candidate in 2018. Democrats in each of 435 congressional districts and 35 senatorial races are going to battle over which flavor of Democrat they want. Some will be further to the left. Some will be centrists. Some will even be on the right. They will all want to pull the country back from the brink.

All will want to stop separating refugee children from their parents. All will want to stop the race bating and the gender bating. They will want to rebalance the nations taxes so that the looting of the country’s riches is, at least, abated. They will want to get the country back on track toward providing decent health care to its citizens. They will want to make a decent education affordable. They will want to rebuild our roads. They will want to get back to taking global warming seriously. They will want to make elections fairer. And so on.

They will not agree on how to do it. But they will agree that the aim of their national service is to “promote the general welfare,” as the Constitution puts it.

The billionaires and the strongmen are not concerned about the welfare of the country. They don’t want to talk about the issues. They want to talk about branding—like “socialism” (bad) and “religion” (good). They don’t want people to ask what these brands mean. They want to call names and leave it at that. It’s worked before.

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