Trump’s “Conflicts of Interest” Accusation Is Baloney

2018-05-07 – Trump has been tweet-fuming about Robert Mueller for months, but today he gave us some interesting spin on the subject. He’s accusing the Special Counsel investigators of “unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!”

People have commented before that Robert Mueller and the rest of the people in the Special Counsel chain of command are Republicans, not Democrats (let alone Angry Democrats). The accusation is a lie.

But does Trump have a point about conflicts of interest?

No. Trump is confusing the judicial function with the prosecutorial function. Judges shouldn’t have conflicts of interest. But there’s nothing wrong with a prosecutor being in conflict with a criminal. Our system relies on that. Problems arise when prosecutors and the accused are too chummy, not the other way around. We rely on the adversarial system to find the truth. Prosecutors accuse. Defendants defend. And the neutral judge (and neutral jury) decide who has a better case!

So this blather about undisclosed conflicts of interest is nothing but a bunch of baloney.

In Illinois (and many other places), head prosecutors are elected. In Chicago, the Mayor and other officials are typically Democrats. With that in mind, I frequently vote for a Republican to be States Attorney. This is a political conflict, to be sure. And that’s exactly what I want (assuming the candidate is minimally competent, which is not always the case here). I want there to be some level of animosity between the prosecutor and the politicians he or she might be prosecuting.

If there were any truth to Trump’s tweet that he is being investigated by 13 Angry Democrats, there would be nothing wrong with that! If they brought bogus charges, the neutral judge would throw them out.

Of course it’s not true.

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2 responses to “Trump’s “Conflicts of Interest” Accusation Is Baloney

  1. I think Trump is referring to Obamagate, of which Mueller may be a part. Even in an adversarial system, criminals shouldn’t have the power to prosecute their victims.

  2. The problem with the so-called Obamagate scandal is that Hillary did not win the presidency. If a scandal is unable to secure power when its candidate received a plurality of votes, it’s not much of a scandal.
    “You cheated your way to a loss” is not much of an accusation.

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