Did the Media Just Hand Trump a “Big Win”?

2018-04-30 – Why is “the media” asking the question: “Did the media just hand Trump a big win?”

This time it’s because Michelle Wolf was supposedly “mean” to Trump and his entourage at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

And the answer to the question is yes, if the media is going to go around saying it is so.

There is no inherent reason why Michelle Wolf’s routine Saturday night should get this kind of spin . . . from both sides, no less. It was a lame routine with trivial jabs at the usual suspects—nothing any worse than what’s done day in and day out on the daily comedy shows—nothing any worse than what’s been done prior years at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The only legit complaint that I can see, after actually watching the video, is that it wasn’t very funny. (Some partisans on the left said it was hysterical. Puh-lease! The fact that those on the alt-right are crying foul does not make unfunny jokes funny after the fact. Did she really repeat the joke about being willing to shut up if Michael Cohen paid her $130,000?)

Reince Priebus is quoted as blasting the performance, but I saw him give a thumbs up when Wolf jabbed at him. Who the heck is Reince Priebus anyway? Sarah Huckabee frowned. What do these people expect when they go to what is, in effect, a roast? Don Rickles made a career doing this. It’s supposed to be funny. It’s supposed to be an honor if you are important enough to be a target. You’re supposed to be a good sport.

Unless you’re trying to spin the event for political advantage. If that’s your intention, you could probably write your complaints the day before.

But why would the non-alt-right media want to join in on this spin.

Michelle Wolf’s critiques of most of the cast of characters were pretty light weight. She even said she wasn’t going to take on serious issues like collusion with Russia. And she pretty much stayed away from all that.

Until near the end.

Her penultimate target was the media itself. And, judging by the media hysteria, she landed a very serious critique. She pointed out that the media is making big bucks over Trump vs. anti-Trump hysteria. This is the dirty little secret the media doesn’t want you to think about. And she said it. And it wasn’t even funny.

The media doesn’t want you to think about how they’ve contributed to the rise of Donald Trump. So they slam Michelle Wolf and say that it was she (not them) who handed Trump a “big win.”

(The final target of the night was whoever is responsible for getting clean water to Flint, MI.)

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