Trump and Corker Really, Really Need the Tax Break

2017-12-18 – You really gotta feel sorry for real estate billionaires like Don Trump (President – R) and Bob Corker (Senator – R). They are just this close to finally making it:  )(

The people who are preventing this achievement are you, dear reader. I don’t care who you are, it’s your fault (stated with 99.9% accuracy). For years you have insisted that your tax dollar pay for roads and airports and hospitals and protection against enemies, foreign and domestic. What you didn’t realize was the riches that would be finally tapped and bestowed upon a grateful nation the moment that we stopped burdening the income of real estate LLCs.

Yes, that’s right. Real estate LLCs.

You probably didn’t even know what a real estate LLC was.  This was a cunning trick by Hillary Clinton to distract you from the real issues of the day. You’ve been too busy putting food on the table, raising your children, and caring for your grandparents to pay attention to the people in our society that are really needy.

Donald Trump, Bob Corker, and the silent minority that is unfairly burdened with the task of owning shares in real estate LLCs . . . they are real needy.

But cheer! The Republicans have relented and their tax bill gives Don and Bob much needed relief.

God bless us, everyone . . . who is in the 1%.

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