When the “Best” Words Are Banned, a Thesaurus Has Words that Are Better than Best

2017-12-16 – The Trump administration knows words. They have the best words. We’ve all been exposed to their words.

But now, the administration has decided to take away some of the words. In a directive to analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the following words have been banned from use in official documents being prepared for next years’ budget:

  • vulnerable
  • entitlement
  • diversity
  • transgender
  • fetus
  • evidence-based
  • science-based

You can see where this is going. It follows in the patterns of word bans enacted by the State of Florida to suppress discussion of climate change (as the State of Florida continues to bear the brunt of hurricanes and rising oceans).

Trump may have the best words. But Merriam-Webster has words you wouldn’t believe. M-W’s words are better than best. And I’m going to share some of them with you. Apparently CDC analysts can use . . .

Instead of vulnerable use:

  • defenseless
  • undefended
  • unprotected
  • endangered
  • exploited
  • downtrodden

Instead of entitlement use:

  • property right
  • endowment
  • legacy
  • trust fund

Instead of diversity use:

  • variety
  • dissimilarity
  • disagreement
  • diversary (a DT coinage)
  • discriminability

Instead of transgender use:

  • trans-male
  • trans-female
  • nonbinary

Instead of fetus use:

  • zygote
  • embryo
  • fetal tissue

Instead of evidence-based use:

  • true
  • factual

Instead of science-based use:

  • true
  • factual

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