Are There Any Good People?

2017-10-23 – I came of age in the Sixties. I became aware of the world outside my family when Martin Luther King was leading the civil rights struggle, when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, and when he led us in Vietnam.

Part of growing up is learning that there is evil in the world. Part of growing up is learning that our role models are not as good as we thought. That’s normal. But back in the Sixties, when I was going through this, there remained some good people. Maybe they were the folk singers. Maybe they were our favorite teachers. Maybe they were astronauts. Maybe they were Walter Cronkite. There was someone.

Today I’m wondering, who are the good people? Sometimes I feel like they don’t exist.

Of course they do exist. But our feeds are not programmed to showcase the good people. Sometimes they slip through. But mostly it’s a thread of betrayal.

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