A “Rally” of Former Trump Supporters

2017-10-19 – When they got disillusioned with their candidate (Trump), they stopped going to his rallies. The stopped waving signs. But they didn’t stop being voters. They didn’t stop being citizens. They just stopped being. In. Your. Face.

We get so angry when we see the folks who still believe, who still attend the rallies, who still carry signs. But we have to remember that they are a “distillation.” Those who had their hopes dashed, those who are alarmed at what’s going on, those who feel conned—they’re gone. Only the “pure” remnant still attends. And they are. In. Your. Face.

It’s not the nature of news reporting (fake or real) to showcase the people who don’t show up. But today, I read something interesting on political commentator Robert Reich’s Facebook page. (Reich was Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton.)

Reich was travelling in Kentucky and Tennessee and spoke to a number of people in the former-Trump group. It’s not a large sample. But when you see people carrying signs at a political rally it’s not a large or scientific sample either. Here is his summary of what the former-Trump people had to say:

1. The reason they voted for Trump is they “hated Hillary” or “wanted to shake things up” in Washington, or “I thought we needed a businessman.”

2. They don’t like the job Trump is doing as president. (“He’s embarrassing,” “makes me ashamed,” “behaving like a child,” “chronic liar.”)

3. Every one of them told me they regret voting for him (“never would have if I’d have known what an as*hole he is,” one told me).

4. They said their own personal economic position hasn’t changed from what it was last year, and Trump’s policies favor the rich (“he just cares about wealthy folk,” “said he’d drain the swamp and the swamp is worse.”)

5. Most are worried about Trump’s mental capacity (“I don’t think the man has all his marbles,” “he could get is into a goddamn nuclear war,” “weird as hell,” “crazy as a loon.”)

6. Most don’t think he’ll finish his first term (“he’ll be impeached,” “kicked out,” “removed,” “he’ll resign.”)

7. Most don’t trust him (“hasn’t got a goddamn thing done,” “blowhard,” “huckster,” “conman.”)

8. Most would support a Democrat in 2020, if it was the “right” candidate (“both parties are rotten to the core,” “sure, I’d vote for a Democrat,” “used to be a Democrat but party got too liberal.”)

9. Most said they’d support someone who “cleaned up the mess in Washington,” “got big money out of politics,” “made the system work for ordinary people.”)

10. Several of them told me that they’d support Medicare for all, or any system that lowered their health insurance costs. (“Spending a fortune for insurance,” “insurance companies are the worst,” “can’t afford to insure my family.”)

11. Several put education at the top of their list.

12. Not one of them supported spending money on a wall along the southern border of the U.S. (“stupidest goddamn idea I ever heard,” “plain dumb,” “guy ever heard of airplanes?”)

Imagine what the signs would say if we could gather these folks together in a rally of former-Trump supporters.

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