If You Believe in the Free Market, Add the Public Option to Obamacare

2017-03-23 – “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.” – DJT

This blog is scheduled to be posted on the day the House is scheduled to vote on the GOP bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. When you read this, the bill may have passed and gone on to the Senate or the House GOP is back at the drawing board. Either way, the bill is likely to be changed many times before it comes to a final vote. So let me propose something.

The public option.

The public option is Medicare-for-all EXCEPT it is offered as an option. The public option was discussed prior to enactment of Obamacare but was dropped. I think it deserves to be considered again. Not as a Democratic proposal but as a GOP proposal.

As a GOP proposal?

The public option would serve two GOP beliefs: They believe that Medicare is awful and that no one would voluntarily participate in it if they had a choice. And they believe in the efficiency of the free market to weed out inefficient goods and services.

So you’d think that the GOP would be itching to put Medicare to the test. Match Medicare-for-all against the best that private insurance companies have to offer. Let the people decide. And surely, the savvy American people would select private insurance over the government bureaucracy.

Not so complicated, right?

But the GOP does not like this idea. Could it be that the GOP knows the truth (that people would most definitely choose Medicare over private insurance) and they won’t tell us?

When has the GOP every withheld the truth from us?

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