Premium Water from Your Tap

black_dead goose

2016-02-07 – This week Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a statute called the Water Infrastructure Protection Act. This law would fast-track the privatization of municipal water systems in New Jersey. Sponsors of the law say that private companies could be better able to modernize aging water systems in the state.

It’s about time.

As a consumer of public water, I am absolutely appalled at the lack of choice my municipal system affords me. Tap water! That’s it!

A privatized water system could bring us choice.

If you like your tap water, you could keep it. If you wanted to pay a little extra, you could get sparkling water. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you could get econo-water. Premium water could be brought in from Evian, Chippewa Falls, or Chicago. If you are an environmentalist, you could get water from your favorite melting glacier (limited time offer).

So don’t listen to the folks in Flint, MI who criticize Chris Christie for this. They’d love to get that glacier water.

* * *

In other news: Boeing is testing an ejecting first-class cabin that would separate from a crashing plane and land smoothly.


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