By the Time You Read This . . .


2016-01-14 – By the time you read this I may have feeling in my fingers and toes again.

Late Tuesday night I woke up smelling something smoky. I walked around the house in the dark looking for likely sources but found nothing. Then Kit walked around the house in the dark looking for likely sources. Nothing again. Then we took up our respective posts of vigilance against possible fire. I stayed in bed, knowing that I wouldn’t sleep. She sat up in the living room. She has an easier time sleeping than I do.

When my alarm went off at six, there was no more smell. But I started noticing that I wasn’t hearing the cycling of the furnace. The air was a bit chill, but not bad. Warmth rises in our house to the second floor bedrooms. I took my shower and got dressed and ready for work. Then I took a peak at the thermostat. It was 59 degrees on the first floor.

Kit is the handy person in the house and she began checking out the furnace. Then she called her brother the plumber. He came over with an HVAC guy. The smoke we smelled in the night was probably the blower motor burning out. Problem is, it takes time to get a new blower. As I wrote this (yesterday, when you read it), we we’re looking forward to a cold night.

I’m sitting at my desk in the basement with my parka and multiple layers on. I have a small fan on my desk that puts out a tiny bit of heat, but it is tiny. So my head is warm and the rest of me is cold.

The outside temperature was close to zero when this all went down, but the outside temperature is going up. It could hit 40 today or tomorrow. The inside temperature on the first floor seems to have stabilized at 52 during the day. The furnace could generate its usual heat, but without the blower, it couldn’t circulate it. I put a big pot of water on the stove to boil.

Sometime today (as you read this), the guy is coming with the new blower to install it. Then, by the time you read this, my fingers and toes with thaw out.

It’s all Obama’s fault. And I bet he had heat. The bum.

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