“Voting Against Their Own Interest”—Is Victim Blaming


2016-01-12 – It’s easy to blame the victim. You see it all the time. Women are blamed for sexual assault. African-Americans and Latinos are blamed for police brutality and other violence in their communities. And for joblessness. Kids are blamed for being bullied. It’s not right.

So why is okay for liberals to blame working-class whites for always “voting against their own interest”?

Republicans explain unemployment and stagnant wages and all that goes with that on bloated government that takes from the whites and gives to the blacks and Mexicans and other immigrants. Until recently, Democrats didn’t offer much of an alternative theory. For years, Democrats marketed themselves as fake Republicans. But when there’s pain, who would you vote for? Real Republicans or fake ones?

This year, we’re beginning to hear a different story from Democrats. It’s not the welfare poor who are sucking up all the wealth. It’s the billionaires. It’s about time.

But still, we have a legacy of victim blaming. Poor whites are racist! They are stupid, religious yahoos! They don’t know where their interests lie.

Don’t you think it is time to lay blame where it belongs and give the victims a little respect?

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