Black and White Join Forces to Destroy Gray


2015-10-27 – I am a member of the Gray. You probably are too, but you may not know it. Grays are often oblivious. Grays often think they are weak Blacks or weak Whites. It’s a natural mistake. Wash a pair of black jeans 20 or so times and they become gray. Wash a pair of white jeans 20 or so times and they become gray. Wash your laundry often enough and it all turns gray.

But people are the opposite of laundry.

Grays enable Blacks and Whites to exist. Blacks recruit from the Grays. Whites recruit from the Grays. Sadly Grays don’t recruit.

The thing that got me going on this extended metaphor on grayness was a video entitled “Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity.” If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet over the last few years, you know that the usually liberal Bill Maher has it in for Muslims. If you watch this video you will see that, indeed, Bill Maher does crush Charlie Rose. (I don’t know if the video goes beyond what is shown here and maybe Charlie Rose rises up and crushes Bill Maher back. But it doesn’t matter for what I’m talking about. Folks who agree with Bill Maher are passing this around, and that’s what counts.)

Here’s the thing: Bill Maher’s world view is that black and white are the only colors there are. In Bill Maher’s world, at least on the subject of Muslims, there is only black and white, no gray.

In a B&W world, it makes sense to call out Muslims as he does. They do a lot of nasty things. And there’s a lot of them. Hundreds of thousands or even millions who want to chop my head off for being Jewish. At the moment, there are considerably fewer Christians who want to do that to me (but there are some). But that’s only because you are counting only Blacks and Whites.

There are several billion Grays in the world. None of the Grays want to chop my head off. Not because I’m Jewish. Not because I am an American. Not because I am male. Not because I am a Democrat. Grays don’t chop people’s heads off.

When Bill Maher (or anyone else) trashes all Muslims, he denies identity to the Grays in the Muslim world. And it’s the same in reverse. When an imam trashes all Americans, he denies identity to the Grays in our world. Grays just want to be left alone.

If you ask me, the Grays are all on the same team. And we are the 99%.

The Blacks and Whites are the 1%. And the Blacks and Whites of the world are calling the shots, not just in the world of money, but in the world of gods. And they count on the Grays to back them up. Blacks and Whites may be opposites, but there is one thing they absolutely agree on: the destruction of the Grays.

It’s time turn the tables. It’s time for the Grays occupy religion.

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