100 Days to the Iowa Caucus


2015-10-25 – Don’t you hate it when you click to a page and audio comes blaring out. They don’t give you a chance to say yes or no. The audio just starts automatically when the page loads. It’s happening more and more.

Well, this morning it happened again. I was up pretty early and my eyes were still bleary from interrupted sleep. And I click to a page. And I hear that “the Iowa Caucus is only 100 days away.” I clicked it off.

Yeah, I know I write about this stuff myself. I make (small) contributions to candidates. I have a Feel the Bern t-shirt and I wore the thing in public (before it started to get cold—now it’s under my sweater). Someone’s beating the drum and you get excited.

But the Iowa Caucus itself was always too early. And now we’re being told “the Iowa Caucus is only 100 days away.”

There’s only 427 more shopping days until Christmas . . . 2016.

Chill out, people. Go out and take a stroll in the country. The leaves are beautiful this time of year. Even in Iowa. The election will still be here when you get back.

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