FeelTheBern on Diogenes Day


2015-10-01 – Happy Diogenes Day!

If you are familiar with Diogenes day, you know the dire need. Three hundred sixty four days of half truths and outright lies. One day of honesty. Diogenes Day. The day for truth.

The day thrives in a world of dishonesty. What happens when a politician tells the truth? Not as a one off, but as a regular thing. It’s a rare occurrence, but not entirely unprecedented.

Can we handle it?

I’ve been wearing my Bernie Sanders tshirt in places where you might not think it would be popular,but I been getting a lot of shout outs and thumbs up. Could we be seeing one of those rare politicians, respected for his honesty?

* * *

For more information on the day for honesty, click the Diogenes Day link at the top of the page.


#FeelThe Bern

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