One Strike and You’re Out?


2015-09-29 – I noticed a number of posts on Facebook in the last couple of days in the wake of John Boener’s announcement that he would be resigning from the speakership and from Congress. They all made fun of Tea Partiers for destroying one of their own for fairly trivial disagreements.

Yesterday I noticed a similar flurry of posts from the left castigating Pope Francis for his expression of support for Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clear who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in spite of this summer’s Supreme Court ruling to the contrary.

Didn’t these same folks love the Pope only a day before?

We live a long life. We can’t agree with everyone on everything. Adopt a one strike and you’re out philosophy and before long, you won’t be able to deal with anyone.

* * *

Remember that Thursday, October 1, is Diogenes Day. For information on our celebration of truth, click on the Diogenes day link at the top of this page.

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