A Woman’s Right to Choose the Father of Her Child Apparently Has Some Exceptions


2014-10-05 – A few weeks ago we had dinner in a college town. Across the restaurant from us was a gay couple with a bunch of kids. One of the fathers was black. One was white with features that were plausibly Jewish. The kids appeared to be mixed race with hair that could best be described as Jewfros, as if they were the couple’s joint offspring. Obviously, that was not true. But they seemed like a nice family. They matched.

Apparently, it is a thing for some gay couples to try to have kids that appear to match them. There’s a story haunting the Internet today about a white lesbian couple who tried to do just that, but the plan went awry when the sperm bank delivered sperm from a black donor. The couple was surprised to have a black baby after they ordered sperm from a white donor. The couple sued the sperm bank.

Liberals in the blogosphere are up in arms against the couple.

I have two reactions.

The first is: what fricken business do we have sticking our noses into this couple’s business.

The second is: these liberals have a serious case of cognitive dissonance.

Just the other day (or is it every day), I read that a woman has a right to say whose child gets to grow in her womb. A denial of that right is generally called rape. But suddenly, liberals are saying that these lesbians ought to be happy about what happened. Throw in a Hallelujah, Jesus, and they’re starting to sound a little like Tea Partiers.

Many liberals are also opposed to allowing whites to adopt black babies. So much so that it is often difficult or impossible to do so. Why? Because whites can’t give black babies their cultural heritage. Suddenly, with this lesbian couple, that doesn’t matter.

What does matter, apparently, is that it seems that they are unhappy with a black baby. But I don’t think that is what they are saying.

I think they are saying that the sperm bank breached their contract and ought to pay for the cost of the breach. It is a common litigation tactic for defendants to publicly smear plaintiffs. Happens all the time in rape cases. I don’t know if that happened in this case, but if it did, liberals are falling for it big time.

Like I said, I don’t think we have any business judging. Not even to score political points.

It must be hard to love your baby and at the same time feel violated by the act that conceived him. Worse yet to be condemned by the community.

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