The End of Pay Toilets


2014-09-18 – A couple of months ago, I was interviewed for an article about my involvement in the Committee to End Pay Toilets In America during the 1970s. The article appeared yesterday in Pacific Standard, entitled “Why Don’t We Have Pay Toilets in America?” by Aaron Gordon.

I wrote about the experience at the time (my post “Our End Is our own Elimination”) and gave you the lyrics to the “Ballad of the Pay Toilet.” I had forgotten the lyrics to one of our other songs, the “CEPTIA Anthem.” Gordon’s intrepid journalism has uncovered the forgotten words, in case you were dying to know, this is part of it:

We’ll work until we know
That toilets in America
Are free where-e’er we go
We’ll flush them out!
We’ll wipe them out!
We pledge, O CEPTIA!

* * *

That’s all for today. We’re all waiting for Diogenes Day, a day for truth, which we’ll be celebrating on October 1. Let your friends know. Find out more info by clicking the Diogenes Day link at the top of my blog page.

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