Reflecting on the 2014 Israel-Hamas War

Black_Multiple mirror

2014-07-30 – Did you ever give any thought to the opposing mirrors you find in fitting rooms? Maybe you’re paying more attention to that new suit or dress you’re trying on. But if you look past the first reflection, you see repeating reflections. A parade of yourself marching forward and another parade of yourself marching back.

Front and back. Coming and going. Forever.

Actually, it’s not forever. The mirrors would have to be aligned perfectly, but then you’d be in the way. You can never see that. But you can see the reflections off into the distance for a fairly long way.

Front and back. Coming and going. Off into the distance.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about the tragic fighting going on in Gaza between Israeli forces and Hamas. Many posts seek to justify today’s attack based on the even-more-heinous attack that occurred yesterday. The other “side” then justifies yesterday’s attack based on the hyper-more-heinous attack that occurred the day before.

Front and back. Coming and going. Off into the distance.

I titled this post “Reflecting on the 2014 Israel-Hamas War” to emphasize that I’m talking about the current war, not the 2009 war. And not the 1967 war. And not the 1948 war. And none of the wars in between or before.

Those wars are reflections in the mirror.

Folks who argue for their “side” justify their actions based on these reflections, but they are just images. Take away the mirrors and there is only you and me.

Front and back. Coming and going. No distance. You and me.

You and me can make peace. We can’t make peace with the images in the mirrors. They don’t exist. People tell you they do, but they don’t.

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Tuesday, I found a batch of limericks that I wrote many years ago but thought were lost. I’ve now posted them on this blog. You’ll find the link at the top. Or, I’m planning to start writing these again and will be posting them at the end of my regular posts with a link to the growing compendium. Here’s the first new one:

Your exit looms near in the rain,
It’s dark and you’re in the wrong lane,
You look in the mirror
And the cars that appear
Are closer, I need to explain.

Not bad, but not my very best. Click here to see more limericks.

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