Air for Charity


2013-09-12 – Just stopped at the neighborhood 7-Eleven to pick up a paper and an A&W Diet Root Beer. I’ve been going to this 7-Eleven for almost 20 years so I’m pretty familiar with the premises. Today I noticed a new piece of equipment in the parking lot.

The box was labeled “Air for Charity.” It’s one of those pumps you can use to fill your tires for a few coins. In this case, the charge was a buck. A sign on the front said “Feed the Starving Children.” I hate to be cynical, but what is this machine going to feed them? Air?

Once I had my newspaper and root beer in hand, I stood in line to check out. A customer in line ahead of me was talking to the clerk about meat. The customer heard that a neighborhood grocery store was selling horse meat. He also heard that McDonald’s in Australia is planning to sell kangaroo meat. It seems that kangaroo meat is environmentally sound because kangaroos fart less than cows and so contribute less to greenhouse gases.

The clerk said that the thought of eating kangaroo Big Mac’s made his stomach jumpy. But he thought he’d be okay with the Hot Pockets.

Air for charity?

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