Magnolias in Bloom

Gray_robins nest_2013-04-28

2013-04-28 – I was going to stop my Sunday posts to make time for other writing projects. But you know what they say: If you see something, say something.

Okay, don’t worry. This blog is not about some unattended bag at the airport. Not all somethings are bad, you know. This one is about unattended blossoms on our magnolia tree. I’ve been noticing the bud swell in the last few days, but today the tree was in full bloom.

There are actually two trees. The neighbor across the street has one that stands fully exposed to the light. Ours is on the north side of our house, so part of the tree is in shadow. The unshaded portions of these trees were in full bloom yesterday. The shaded portion always takes a day or two longer.

I noticed the blooms this morning as I was taking our dog Lefty for his walk. Lefty always sniffs the door before I open it, moving his nose excitedly from left to right. I always wonder whether he thinks that moving his nose this way is what causes the door to open.

We went out the front door this morning, so the magnolia tree was the first thing we saw. The tree shades both our porch and the bay window off our living room. In years past, robins have built nests in the shelter of the tree and we’ve watched their eggs hatch. It was kind of an avian reality show. Today’s picture is not a random coincidence (as my pictures usually are). Today, I’ve posted a picture of one of our robins’ nests.

There’s no nest there now. It may be too early. I think I took today’s picture in June, so there is time. We’ve seen robins scouting the spot.

I knew that spring was here yesterday when I found myself riding my bike down to Lake Michigan wearing nothing heavier than a light sweater. I am very sensitive to cold, so I’m one of the last to give up my nice warm parka. But I think I won’t be wearing that parka until next September at the earliest.

That patch of brown grass where they resodded the soccer field last year is slowly turning green. Bushes have new leaves and there are buds on the trees. Folks were out setting up for the day’s soccer games. And there was plenty of discarded furniture in the alleys. All unmistakable signs of spring.

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