Looking for a New Wallet

Yellow_Blackeyed Susan_2012-07-30


2013-04-26 – After years of carrying my wallet in my back pocket, I stopped a few years ago. I had read that back-pocket-wallet-wearing was hard on your back because it forced you to sit with your hips not level. The truth is that my pants were tight at the time. Moving the wallet from back to front was more comfortable. And it’s supposed to be safer from pickpockets, though I’ve never had my pocket picked.

The thing is, my front pockets were already full, so I needed something smaller. So, in the several years since I made the switch I’ve gone through a variety of wallets. The latest incorporated my keys, because my keys always tended to wear a hole in my pocket.

Yesterday the latest wallet broke. It was a two-compartment leather affair: one compartment for money and credit cards, the other for keys. Each compartment was closed by a zipper. Truth is that I didn’t like it. I basically had to wad the money up in the money side and I really couldn’t tell which side was which. I had to resort to labeling the sides. Yesterday, the zipper for the money side totally failed. No way to get the zipper back on track.

So, this evening, I’m off to the store to look for a replacement.


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