Warm and Sunny


2013-03-22 – I don’t know about March Madness. I’m not a basketball fan. The March madness I know about is the persistence of sub-freezing temperature in Chicago after the first day of Spring.

But I’m not in Chicago this week. I’m in Los Angeles. Here the afternoon temperatures are in the seventies. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will drive down to the ocean.

A favorite activity at my Mom’s assisted living home is trivia. I attended the sessions with my Mom and the leader encouraged me to join in. Questions seemed to be more oriented toward baby boomers rather than the greatest generation who lives here. So I got a lot of questions right.

The leader was impressed and asked me what degrees I have. I’m not sure that having a degree has anything to do with answering trivia questions.

I am proud of my degrees, but an enormous portion of human knowledge is learned without formal educations.

I can tell you about sitcom classics from the sixties because I lived them. (Good thing there were no questions about current TV, since I don’t watch much, except here with my Mom.) And sure, I can tell you about the disciplines I studied in school. But I have no clue about the March Madness brackets.

If you’ll excuse met, Jeopardy just came on.

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